Favorite 21st Century Horror Movies
There is no denying that horror movies are not what they used to be, going from being made by some of the best filmmakers in the business to becoming a dumping ground for any low tier director to generate a quick buck before they can move on to directing bigger and better things. That being said, the 21st century have still managed to generate some gems.

Favorite Doctor Who Season Premieres
'Doctor Who' has just begun its 35th season so naturally with that many seasons - there are a lot of premieres. Enough so that I think it is fair to put together a list of the top 10 best ones. Now surprisingly even though there are a lot of them - there are still a surprising amount that are not very good. Really there has only been one showrunner that really upped the game for how good a series opener can be... and he is currently in charge right now.

Favorite Movie Trilogies
One of the rare things to see in the world of movies is a set of three connected films forming a trilogy that are all good. Usually the third film drags the entire tower down to the point were you just cannot call the whole trilogy great but there still have been some that pulled it off and today we are looking at 10 of them... or should I say 9 and a half.


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