Point Break [MOVIE REVIEW]

As part of an annual movie night during St Lucy's Day (ask your Scandinavian friend) - which basically means we spend the entire night watching three upcoming movies - the audience and I were sadly subjected to the upcoming 'Point Break' remake as the first film we got to see. Now as someone who has actually not seen the original Kathryn Bigelow classic I cannot comment on whether or not it follows the original beat for beat or if it actually deviates and becomes its own thing. What I can comment on though is whether or not it works as its own movie coming from someone without any bias.

Seeing as we were not told what the movie is going to be beforehand I did not know until the title popped up but what I DID know was that whatever it was - I was probably not going to enjoy it from a directing and editing standpoint. This is a very flat and dull looking movie with no real excitement in any of the action sequences which should have lead to more reliance on the characters being interesting - but they were not. There is nothing special about it whether it is memorable lines, characters or moments and to my understanding the original film is filled with all of those which again lends me to believe we have reached yet another 'RoboCop' & 'Total Recall' esque remake that will come and go. It is basically the epitome of a movie that will be completely forgotten after it leaves the theaters. Luke Bracey is a flatline and does nothing to carry the movie except stand around.

One of the worst sins the movie commits is like I said at the start - not even the action sequences are particularly exciting or inventive. They are very shoddily shot and there is no sense of tension or excitement to any of it despite all of the great locations that are involved. Of course a lot of blame can be put on the screenwriters being really poor at making us care for the characters but everything seems to be done so indifferently that I do not even know what the director was trying to focus on. 

The dialogue ranges from just being flat to downright horrible. The movie tries to give Johnny Utah (who is apparently a 'character') somewhat of a love interest and there were times during some of their conversations that felt like they were written by George Lucas himself. "I do not like sand" would not be a line totally out of place with what they were saying most of the time. Then there is also Bodhi (played by Édgar Ramirez) who constantly spouts out spiritual lines that could very well be written by a film student trying to sound poetic but failing miserably. The pacing is all over the place due to the stop and start type of structure the movie is going for. There are not enough moments to let us get to know the characters we are going to have to invest our time on and whenever these rare moments occur they are drab and uneventful. It is like the writers find these scenes to be more of a burden than anything.

Overall, the 'Point Break' remake is exactly what we expected it to be. Mindless nonsense with no characters to latch on to and nothing to really push it to the level of even the most generic of action thrillers out there. The performances are weak, the directing is flat and the script is emptier than a blank sheet of paper. Really the only thing I got from it is that now I more than ever want to see the original just to see how this premise could work in the hands of a proper film maker.


- Lucas


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