Quantum of Solace [MOVIE REVIEW]

'Quantum of Solace' was the first James Bond movie I ever saw in the theater - and this is the first time I ever re-watched it until that day back in 2008 so if that tells you anything about my feelings on the film then you know this is not going to be a very positive review.

This is a very awkward movie in the Daniel Craig Bond movies. Both 'Casino Royale' and 'Skyfall' are two of the best Bond movies ever and generally even amazing movies in their own right - then there is 'Quantum of Solace' which is one of the worst Bond movies (at least out of the ones I have seen) out of all of them. It just so happen that it had to be caught right in the middle of them and sadly break what would otherwise be a stunning and very consistent era of Bond. That is not to say that this is a terrible movie though. There is a couple of things to like here, although most of it is constantly being bogged down by something that is hard to not dislike. As far as I know, this is the first Bond movie that is a definite sequel to the previous movie as it brings back and ties up a couple of thnigs 'Casino Royale' left out. I believe Daniel Craig himself described it as one large story in a way. Well, if this movie is anything to go by, there is a good reason why this had never been attempted before this.

If there is anything the movie has going for it is Daniel Craig as Bond as he continues to being fantastic in the role. You sells every emotion the script requires him too (which is still more than any other James Bond actor had been asked for in their respective eras). The main problem with the character though is not anything Daniel Craig could have done to save. This problem being that there is really nothing memorable about anything he does in the film.

In fact that can be said for the whole film, while all the other Bond movies (at least the ones I have seen) have had at least one memorable moment that sticks out - there is nothing in 'Quantum of Solace' that you remember when the film ends. The plot is horribly bland and boring, none of the characters are interesting or memorable and it does not have that one standout action scene for the audience to point to when talking about it. In fact every time I bring it up with people they hardly even remembered it existed. Naturally as I re-watched this while making myself ready for 'Spectre' I decided to give it another chance as there could possibly be something about it that I just forgot about (which is of course me not actually realizing that the reason I did not remember it was because of how horribly dull and bland it all was).

Right from the opening scene I could tell I was not exactly going to discover a movie I had unjustifiably disliked since it came out as the car chase is just terrible. It pretty much does everything that you can imagine, wrong. Not only are we never told what Bond is doing (an example of this done well is the opening of 'Skyfall' were we are being told exactly what we need to know from M) so we cannot be invested or understand what is happening - but we also cannot actually tell what is happening because the editing is flat out incomprehensible nonsense. This is your typical close-up and quick cut action scene that just looks like the film makers actually did not know how to film action so they just held on every shot for half a second at a time so the audience would not be able to make out just how terribly each one was set up.

While 'Casino Royale' was being praised and welcomed for how gritty and real it was taking the source material compared to the movies that came before it - here in 'Quantum of Solace' we see Bond falling several stories, through glass and everything and just shrugs it off like nothing happened (and not in the way it was done in 'Casino Royale'). The action scenes are of course always terribly edited and shot but the icing on the cake of terrible is just how goofy it all is when compared to what we were being introduced to in the predecessor. Now this is not me saying that everything that happens in 'Casinoy Royale' and 'Spectre' are the most realistic things ever (they are not) but Bond at least did not come across like a freaking superhero.

Overall, 'Quantum of Solace' is rightly being considered one of the weakest entries in the Bond franchise as it puts a rather significant dent in what would otherwise be a stunning era for one of the best Bonds. The action is horribly edited and impossible to comprehend. The plot is horrible uninteresting and there is just nothing memorable about the whole thing. Despite all this, Daniel Craig does a great job with the material and makes this thing almost salvageable.


- Lucas


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