Back To The Future Part 2 [MOVIE REVIEW]

In celebration of the classic date seen in 'Back To The Future Part 2' (21st October 2015) I have banded together with so many other film fans and had my own marathon straight through of all three movies. My review of the original film is already up on the site so go check that out if you have not already, but now it is time to continue on with the second installment of the time travel trilogy.

It is kind of a well known fact that a lot of sequels to movies are just the exact same thing again and while that CAN technically be said for this film, the main difference is that it is fully aware of it and decides to have fun with it in a rather unique and time travel style way. While obviously it does not live up to the original, this is still a very fun and entertaining sequel that is definitely in the same spirit. Although while 'Back To The Future' is a wonderful movie that uses the time travel premise as a framework to hang themes of relationship and self discovery on - 'Back To The Future Part 2' drops all of that and focuses instead more on the action side of things in a way that feels slightly disjointed. This does not mean however that the jokes and set pieces are not great as in a lot of ways this can be even more entertaining than the first film if you are in the right mood.

I said in my review of the first film (which coincidentally you can find on the site) that I loved how the villain of the movie is JUST a typical high school bully despite the plot involving time travel and nowhere is that better shown than in 'Back To The Future Part 2' when the entire situation they find themselves in is all because of Biff Tannon messing about with time. It is a rather fun but flawed premise. It is great to see Thomas F. Wilson (the actor who played Biff) get so much more to do here and he is so much fun.

One of the main things I rather disliked about the film is what they did with Jennifer right of the bat. Of course I understand why the characters did it, but it felt rather cheap after we saw her joining Marty and Doc in the DeLorean in the first movie - only to suddenly be left unconscious because she has no use in what they are about to do - and by the way, what they are about to do also feels like Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale realized they wrote themselves into a corner at the end of the first movie and now pretty clumsily had to get their way out of it. Of course Jennifer eventually does get some things to do a little later on but after that she is just left on a bench outside her front door until the end of the THIRD film. I felt like they could have used her a little more if they were going to bother and tease that she was going to be joining them for their next adventure (although of course they probably had not even decided to make the sequels at that point).

Once again the main reason why this movie works as well as it does (in fact even more so this time) is the performances by Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd who are clearly having so much fun in these roles. In fact considering just how much more they both get to do here, I think it is fair to say that they both topped their performances in the first film. The strongest part of the whole movie is when they travel back to 1955 and play around with what happened in the first film almost like a behind the scenes type thing which is especially fun when they somewhat interact with their past selves.

Overall, 'Back To The Future Part 2' does not hold up to the obscenely high standards set by the first film BUT it is still a worthy sequel that is a lot of fun to watch. Yes the plot gets a little convoluted and there are several plot holes to be found - the performances and the directing is so perfect that it should not even begin to bother you unless you were not even on board for the first film. The third act is when the movie really starts to shine as it uses the third act of the first film to sort of poke fun at how this technically is the same movie again. It is so much fun to watch and it is such a unique sequel that has never been done before - and I am glad the idea got to be directed by Zemeckis.


- Lucas


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