Scream 'Revelations' [TV-EPISODE]

Ten weeks ago you would never have imagined that I would grow to really like this series. Now with the release of the final episode 'Revelations' I can safely say that all this buildup was definitely worth it. This is precisely how you do a series finale to a 'Scream' TV-Series without completely ending the story or leaving everything open for the next season.

Before I begin talking about what I thought of this episode I really have to get this out of the way first. As you are probably aware, Wes Craven passed away a couple of days ago (August 30, 2015) at the age of 76. He was an undisputed legend in the horror genre as he changed the landscape of horror movies - TWICE. 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' and specifically the character of Freddy Krueger is rightfully recognised as one of the most iconic horror icons in the history of cinema - and the same can be said for Ghostface in the 'Scream' series. It is an absolute shame he had leave us this soon but what he left us with will never be forgotten. While the first Nightmare and the first 'Scream' will be remembered the most - let us never forget that he also knocked its sequels (the ones he directed) out of the park too with 'Wes Craven's New Nightmare' and 'Scream 2'. It is very rare a horror movie sequel can rival the quality of the original but he somehow managed to do it twice. Thank you Wes Craven, and good night.

Now here we go, the season finale to 'Scream'. Did anybody see this reveal coming? Yeah sure, I saw some people naming this character several times over the last couple of weeks. Does it make sense? Yes, but I will get into that later (mostly in my eventual review of the whole season). We shall not forget what happened in the rest of the episode because from an entertainment standpoint... this is undoubtedly the best episode of the series. Right from the start your heart is beating way faster than normal as you feel the tension in every single second. You know that the writers have proven that anybody could go and the episode does such a good job of leaving the possibility of who the killer is completely open. The only ones it really could not be in the lead group (excluding Emma's mother) is Emma, Noah and Brooke. I was really surprised by how well they managed to get all the characters in one location without it feeling incredibly forced. The only one I am a bit iffy about is Seth Branson because I am not quite sure why he would be running to her house the first thing he does when he is got broken out of the prison by the killer. Yes this would obviously make sense if he WAS the killer but the writers still had to leave it open incase it was not him and the reason they gave really did not hold water for me. Yes of course he loved Brooke but he basically just broke out of prison, I do not think the first thing he would be doing is to run over to her - especially not after her friends were the ones who convicted him in the first place.

The whole crux of the episode is a practically flawless homage to the 'Scream' movies. For all the times I said earlier in the season that it did not feel like 'Scream' - THIS felt like 'Scream'. The tension was right on point and I remember having to pick up my jaw from the floor several times throughout because of how well they managed to structure this conclusion. Yes I have several problems but they really do not matter here thanks to the things the episode does well (but I will get into those problems).

Brooke is hosting a party at her house in true 'Scream' fashion. What the killer ultimately does to get rid of them is to murder a random dude in the bathroom and when he is found - all the guests run away in panic. While yes I am sure they would not be staying there but did none of them consider calling the cops? I know there were lines of dialogue about the leads not being able to call each other but did the killer do that for EVERY phone in the party? Killing off a random person to get the other people away from the party could have backfired spectacularly incase any of them did happen to get a phonecall to the cops. Now I am leaving the possibilities open that this was explained and that I just missed something (would not be the first time) so if you know the answer - please tell me in the comment section below. 

Another thing I was a bit disappointed with was the lack of people getting axed off. Really the whole central cast made it out alive but I cannot really complain all too much because we still need SOME characters left for the next season (although if we do not see at least two of them getting axed in season 2...). I also get that they wanted to make sure that we would not be homing in on who the killer was all too easily. I was also thinking they were setting something up when we found out that the killer essentially made Emma's mother Maggie unintentionally the murderer of Clark and the same thing happened when Emma tried to rescue Will a couple of episodes ago and it just got him killed - so I was thinking when Emma finds Maggie on the dock that the killer had set up the same kind of trap there but apparently not. I am fine with the killer not doing it - the problem I had was that Emma did not even bother to check that she might be walking into another trap if she just runs towards Maggie to rescue her.

Overall though, this is an excellent finale that ties up just enough lose strings but still makes sure to leave things open for the next season. I was wondering how they would do it, if they were going to reveal the killer/s now and get an entirely new person for the next season or if they would not reveal anybody now and carry the mystery on... luckily, they somehow managed to do something inbetween which worked wonderful. They revealed one killer but left some things we have seen in the season open meaning there is another one running around that will most likely continue the killing spree come season 2. Yes there are problems but I am not judging episodes based on the amount of flaws they have if the good stuff are good enough for me to be able to overlook them. The good stuff here are really, really good and more than well makes up for the weaker episodes we got this season. I am excited to see where they are going to take this in the next season because now they have the opportunity to 'Scream 2' it. The possibilities are a lot more open now because we already know the world and the characters. It is time the writers start axing more leading characters like 'Scream 2' axed off Randy (oh no is Noah screwed?) Only time will tell.


- Lucas


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