Blue Mountain State Season 3 [TV-SEASON REVIEW]

I have now finally finished the third and final season of 'Blue Mountain State', we have yet another black main character who mysteriously disappeared after one season (first Craig and now Radon) but this time however we did not get a replacement. Now, the question is does this season live up to the first two and deliver a satisfying ending?

Well the answer to that question is simple... yes, 'Blue Mountain State' definitely ends on a high note as Season 3 is the best out of the three. Every episode is great, quality television throughout as they all bring something interesting to the table. I do not know at what point they found out the show were to get cancelled but when watching this season I could almost tell that they must have known it was inevitable so they just put their all into every single minute and then ending it all on a bang. All the characters have some of their best moments of the whole show (a lot of focus seems to have been put on Thad which is of course a very logical choice considering his popularity and the fact that this would be the final season). 

Some of the best episodes of the entire series can be found in Season 3 and of course I will give you my list of how I would rank and rate each episode later in the review but it is quite disappointing how the show got cancelled when it clearly had not run out of steam and could probably go on for at least one more. All the actors clearly give it their all here and the season has done a better job at giving each cast member a time to shine (even though Thad does take up the majority of it).

So now like I always do with reviews for TV-Seasons, here are the most basic thoughts on each episode of the season (and by basic I mean just the rating and how they compare to each other). Without further ado, here are the final ratings for 'Blue Mountain State';

Episode 6 Blackout   9/10
Episode 1    Dic Pics   9/10
Episode 11   Death Penalty     9/10
Episode 2 The Captain 9/10
Episode 13   The Corn Field Part 2  8/10
Episode 12   The Corn Field    8/10
Episode 5 Training Day   8/10
Episode 9 The C-Word   8/10
Episode 3    Thad's Back   8/10
Episode 4    The Peak   8/10
Episode 8    Fun Facts   8/10
Episode 10   One Week   7/10
Episode 7    Superstition 7/10

Now of course all of these episodes are really good but the standouts still remain. I thoroughly enjoyed 'Blackout', 'Dic Pics' and 'Death Penalty' and I know I am probably alone on having those three at the top (although I can see 'Blackout' being a fan favorite). An episode like 'Dic Pics' however is the main reason why I felt this show worked so well and it is the kind of episode I enjoyed watching the most.

I was quite surprised to see Mary Jo (played by Frankie Shaw) completely absent for the majority of the season. I was originally thinking after the first episode (which she was not in) that she had not returned for this season but then after seeing her in episode 2 I was like "oh okay good to see they at least managed to keep one other cast member and not make this another Sam Jones III and Page Kennedy case". But then she only appeared in one other episode before getting completely dropped from the series and probably not even mentioned ever again. I was so sure we were going to see her one last time in 'The Corn Field Part 2' at least because it was the final episode but apparently she just disappeared.

I saw on the IMDb ratings that 'The Corn Field' two-parter are the audiences favorite episodes of the entire show and while I can definitely see why and I definitely enjoyed them - for me I never really got into the scenes were they actually play football and part two spends the majority of the episode on just that so despite how much I was entertained - I still felt like we could have gotten more between the characters and the actual BMS college location which was really pushed aside for the final two episodes. But then again of course they could not end a series mainly about a football team - without playing a football game.

I kind of like that they did not bother to introduce yet another new character after the previous one left here because then they would have had to focus a lot of the first couple of episodes on developing this person and where he/she would fit in with the rest and for the final season - not a very ideal way to go. Instead the focus is put completely on the characters we already know and love and make sure they are all at their best. It shows that the writers know what they are doing and what does and does not work for this show.

So overall, 'Blue Mountain State' goes out on a high with a final season that gives us the best the show has to offer as it fires on all cylinders. There is not a bad episode to be found and the best ones are some of the best the show has ever given us. The characters continue being a lot of fun to watch and probably get their best moments here. It has been a lot of fun watching this series and I cannot wait for the movie to arrive. 'Blue Mountain State' is awesome.


- Lucas


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