True Detective 'Omega Station' [TV-EPISODE REVIEW]

It is over. The second season of 'True Detective' has come to an end, it was also an end for all the characters we have gotten to know over the past eight weeks. So it is time to review the final episode before I begin writing my review of the season as a whole. Did this continue to improve by being the best of the season or did it blow it?

In terms of season finales. 'Omega Station' is practically everything I wanted it to be and may even consider it to be a step up from the finale we got last season (although you are going to have to give me a couple of more re-watches before I call it). The key word here is "emotions", there are lots of it as the episode is practically running entirely on the relation between the characters and where they are headed. If you were at all invested in anything that happened in season 2 then I would be surprised if you did not feel depressed after watching this. I know I had a hard time getting through many of these scenes as our characters realize what is going to happen and accepting their fate. As I said in my review of the last episode I did like where they were taking Ray and Ani. I called it a couple of weeks ago (in episode 3 'Maybe Tomorrow' to be exact) and said it would not work - but it definitely did. Yes it kind of goes against the basics of what we knew about Ani as a character but it shows that she has developed from episode 1 and is more accepting of men now. They got some brilliant scenes together but they do not actually share a whole lot of screen time with each other compared to the last few episodes despite this being 90 minutes long. Meanwhile Frank and Jordan also got some brilliant scenes and we start to realize that the four have a lot in common and really are the main characters of this season. You might be thinking; "what about Paul?" and to that I say... who?

Vince Vaughn delivered his best dramatic performance possibly in his whole career as he has drastically improved as the season went along and this is the capstone. His final scene was really painful to watch (painful in a good way mind you!) and you really began to feel sorry for him. If there was one negative I had is that it might have gone on for a bit too long but that is really it. What undermines that problem is his performance anyways and overall it was some of the more memorable moments of the entire season.

The whole episode was a nailbiter, who would make it out alive by the end of it was a question constantly popping up in my mind after it was proven last week that the main characters could clearly bite it. As Ray and Ani prepare to escape in a boat (a boat that is fittingly called "Great Escape", haa haa I get it) and as Ray is driving on the highway towards it you just know that something is going to go wrong - there is no way he is just going to meet up with Ani and they both head off safely to the boat. Something is going to happen... and yes, the emotions got the better of him and he instead drives back to see his son for the last time. This scene was the first punch to the gut, he finds his son sitting with his friends outside of school and they both lock eyes with each other before ultimately saluting like the true soldiers they are. Colin Farrell's performance was out of this world, he is the main reason why people may shed some tears as they watch this. The emotions in general has never been done this well on 'True Detective'. Really all this season came down to was love.

The ending was just cruel, I will go into spoilers in this paragraph so keep that in mind if you care at all about this season. After having been chased through a forest, Ray gets shot 'Scarface' style - falls on his back and dies, that already was of course very emotional but what makes it so much worse was that he had recorded a message to his son and after he had died it pans out to a shot of the phone and we are told that the recording failed to upload. Then at the end we are also told that Ray actually was the son's father for one final punch to the gut as we as an audience know that he pretty much accepted that he was not in the las episode. Frank's final walk in the desert was a lot slower and a bit more painful as I said before. Even though you already knew it - you were still hoping that both of them actually might make it out alive, but of course Ray does not and Frank finally loses too much blood and falls down to the ground which would become his final resting place.

If the season had focused more on what these past 3 episodes did then it would have been a lot closer to the quality of Season 1 but I would be lying if I said 'Omega Station' could possibly be in my top 3 favorite episodes of the show. While emotions is definitely not something new for this series - it was set on an all-time high by 'True Detective' standards and it made it all so much better. The direction was impeccable, the acting was at an all time high for the season, the music was low-key as usual but it added so much to the emotion and pain. This is my favorite episode of the season and possibly even my favorite episode overall. It most definitely did not blow it.


- Lucas


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