True Detective 'Black Maps and Hotel Rooms' [TV-EPISODE REVIEW]

Here we go, as the second half continues, we head into the seventh episode of 'True Detective' season 2 from beginning to end is an absolute nailbiter and by far the most intense episode thus far. How will the finale possibly live up to this?

This is it, this is the episode that is going to turn a lot of the people not really liking this season to at least get a bit excited for the finale. I feel like I am saying this in my review for every episode now but this is the best episode of the season unless the finale can somehow top it. The difference between this episode and the other ones that were my "favorite" is that there is not a single dull moment here, not a single scene that feels out of place or somehow loses your attention for a bit. 'Black Maps and Hotel Rooms' is the episode I could not take my eyes off of. You really feel for what the characters are going through here and most of the actors give their best performance of the season. Colin Farrell has been put a little more on the backseat in favor of upping the ante a bit with everyone else and it worked very sucessfully. Keep in mind however, Farrell is still the very best part of the season - everyone else is just not as far behind as they have been prior to this.

All of our main characters  basically just realized they are screwed here, they are completely out of their comfort zone which is the baseline for why this episode stands out so much. This is like it came right out of season 1 and I think most fans were heading into season 2 expecting a lot more episodes that functioned like this. It is a damn shame the director Daniel Attias did not direct more episodes (he is not doing the finale either) as he managed to make everything flow so well, the scenes with Frank transitioned perfectly into scenes with Ani and Ray etc... I have not seen anything else he has directed apart from one episode of 'The Walking Dead' so I am not familiar with his style but he has been directing television since the 80's so he is definitely gotten used to this format.

Nic Pizzolatto has deservedly received a lot of flack for essentially trying to throw so much into this season and barely making sure that we care about what is happening. I have been able to at least understand enough so I enjoy every episode but he cannot be blamed for writing together an episode this eventful. I really do not know if it is just me talking shit so please tell me but everything from the pacing to the dialogue was right on point here. The cinematography was a bit cleaner and did not just look fancy or gritty for the sake of looking fancy or gritty. If the finale can live up to this then maybe more people will look back on this season as being at least watchable. I of course have enjoyed every single episode probably a lot more than most people but this is the first one I absolutely loved. I remember saying in one of my earlier reviews that I was worried they were going to go somewhere with Ray and Ani but honestly watching it happening here in this episode felt very earned after what they have gone through this season. I would be totally all right if they will end it with those two being together now.

'Black Maps and Hotel Rooms' is the best episode thus far and possibly the best of the whole season once it is all said and done. All the characters shined just as bright, the story finally seems to be heading towards some kind of finish line. A finish line that I personally cannot wait to see and experience next week. Go 'True Detective'!


- Lucas


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