Scream 'In The Trenches' [TV-EPISODE REVIEW]

After Episode 4 'Aftermath', 'Scream' became a bit stale and focused too much on the high school drama and almost seems to forget about the killer on the loose. After the trailer last episode I was hoping we would finally go back to the interesting aspect... and for the most part, that is definitely what happened.

While I still find 'Aftermath' to be the best 'Scream' episode thus far, 'In The Trenches' is what I want to see in the show. We do not need endless high school drama. The mystery is what makes this show interesting and mostly why I watch it in the first place. While we are definitely going to need something a lot worse than what we have gotten so far for me to give up watching it. This episode walks a fine line between the high school drama and the murder mystery in a way that made the drama watchable. The problem however is that this is episode has a similar structure and setting to 'Aftermath' (the characters go to an abandoned and moody area to look for something related to the murders) and while I will not take points off of this episode - 'Scream' cannot keep doing it like this too much beyond this point because it will become extremely repetitive and redundant. 

The final 15 minutes are filled with heart pounding intensity as the tension rises. Easily the best couple of scenes in the show so far, the editing is great, the camera work fits in perfectly with the established tension and the actors do a great job of keeping us on edge thinking it is very possible that at least one of them could go here. If there is something that 'Scream' has proven to be good at it is creating intense and heart pounding scenes that gets the audience excited for what is about to happen.

'In The Trenches' returned to giving us a couple of references to movies and they are definitely getting better in weaving them into the scene without it sounding out of place or forced. 'The Shawshank Redemption', 'The Maze Runner' and 'The Expendables' all get mentions here and there is even a reference (I assume it was intentional) to '2001: A Space Odyssey' when the killer plays 'Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do' on the radio. Of course none of these films are horror movies which I like because before the show began I was actually worried they would only throw in references to the horror genre - even though the movies clearly mentions non-horror films like 'The Godfather Part 2'.

Oh the very end though, what the hell? That was some 'Saw' level stuff and came right out of nowhere. I liked the shockvalue of it and hopefully it will lead into some great things to come but the way it was shot and executed made it look like Emma was yet again having a bad dream. It was such an out of nowhere and over the top conclusion to the episode that it almost felt comical. They are really going to have to nail the direction they are going in the next episode because this should really shake up the game and pretty much change the dynamic of the show completely. I have got to hand it to the writers because I do not think anyone saw that ending coming. Overall though a step in the right direction is never a bad thing, 'In The Trenches' is one of the best episode we have gotten from the show and the way it ended seems to make sure we are not going to head back into generic high school drama territory for a while. This killer definitely means business and I cannot imagine Emma will be the same ever again (maybe she will finally become an interesting character?). Whatever direction they are going, I am pretty damn excited to see the next episode. 


- Lucas


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