Scream 'Ghosts' [TV-EPISODE REVIEW]

After the shocking ending to the previous episode 'In the Trenches', 'Scream' continues with yet another standout for the season as Emma recovers and the mystery continues. The high school drama is further toned down a couple of notches and instead they focus entirely on what we want to see. So where does this episode rank up compared to the others this season?

The ups and downs with this opening season has been really quite fascinating but hopefully the remaining two episodes continue further in the direction that the pasts two episodes (including this) did. The surprise ending to the last episode really took its torn on Emma as she is now imagining things which makes for some great scenes. Sadly the visual effects are not really up to par with how they look in modern day Television so really whenever they try it just ends up looking goofy. 'Ghosts' is however another really good episode that almost reaches the bar that was set by 'Aftermath' a couple of weeks back. There really are not many problems I have with this episode that does not involve the usual (I really hope the next season does not continue to look this cheap) stuff I have come to expect.

I see a lot of people on message boards trying to figure out who the killer is and honestly I never really took the time to think about that, I like the hints they are giving and I like the way they open the possibility for it to be practically anyone. I just hope that when they finally do decide to reveal who it is that they make sure it all actually works and makes sense with what we have seen. I am worried that they decide to keep the reveal away from us for longer than this one season and keep trying to throw hints at us until they are completely stuck in a corner and no matter what character it turns out to be - it will not make sense. This of course could only really happen if the writers themselves do not know who the killer is which of course is a really bad way to write a murder mystery story.

This is definitely not an episode that can somehow turn the haters around and really start to appreciate what this series is. I do not think any episode can do that at this point so the writers are just going to have to run with the audience they have. I am happy they are not shying away from showing gore as long as that is not all they have up their sleeves to shock us. Emma trying to cope with the loss of Will really made for some great scenes as she obviously has gotten very used to see the people close to her get axed off like this but no matter how fine she says she is - we of course knows she is not fine at all. I hope the writers know that they cannot keep killing off characters too much because it can easily turn into a 'Game of Thrones' problem were the unexpected becomes completely expected.

Overall though, 'Scream' continues with what started last week and delivers yet another great episode, this season is really shaping up to be a lot better than what I expected which is only a good thing and if the final two episodes gives us a satisfying conclusion - then I can safely say that I like it probably a bit better than 'Scream 4'. It has already easily surpassed 'Scream 3' but there is a long way to go before it can match up to the first two movies. Incidentally I have reviews of all of them on the website so go check them out if you are wondering what I thought of each one.


- Lucas


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