Scream 'The Dance' [TV-EPISODE REVIEW]

We have headed into the penultimate episode of 'Scream' season 1 and after the cliffhanger at the end of last episode, the killer may already have been captured... or has he? Time to find out in episode 9 fittingly titled 'The Dance'.

Taking the teacher into custody really changed the dynamic for this show and opens up for more possibilities. Being of course that now even though they are not completely sold on him being the killer - things are starting to go back to normal, although obviously not for long as the actual killer strikes (which of course makes it a bit awkward for Noah and Audrey who got the teacher into custody in the first place). This leads me into something I have been meaning to discuss in these reviews and that is the use of Ghostface in this series. One of the major problems with 'Scream 3' was that they overused him so much that it lost any kind of scare factor for me - here in the TV-Show there are episodes were he does not even show up which is fantastic, they know when and when not to use him and when they do use him - they make sure that shit is going to go down. 'The Dance' barely even showed him and yet his presence WAS being felt through the dialogue spoken by these characters.

This show has done well in showing us what kind of TV-Series this is going to be and for what we got, this is a lot better than I was expecting and 'The Dance' continues its hotstreak of great episodes and I do not think we will be seeing an episode like the 'Pilot' again anytime soon. The pop culture references have improved substantially as the season went on and now I quite enjoy whenever they happen. Emma and Kieran dressing up as Mia and Vincent from 'Pulp Fiction' was great and a lot better than if they were to go as a character from a horror movie as that would have been totally out of place considering what has happened in the city. We also got Noah saying he was originally going to go as Babadook from the very recent horror movie smash hit 'The Babadook' which was a lovely reference (and you cannot say that seeing somebody dress up as the Babadook would not have been a heck of a sight).

By the end of the episode you could definitely tell that something was going to go down and the revelations we got to hear made for some stunning moments and the very end was just a stunning cliffhanger and could make for possibly an amazing finale. We really do not know who could be the killer (although there is most likely going to be more than one) even though they are sort of homing in on some very obvious suspects. The reason I am not quite sold on either of them is because it seems rather obvious, you just know the writers want to have that classic 'Scream' moment were the killer/s ultimately take off their masks and say "Surprise Emma" and you cannot have that moment if we already know who the killer is.

The pacing in this episode was really well done, the tension was there from beginning to end and nothing feels out of place. Even though not everything might lead to who the killer actually is - you still feel like all of this has to be here in order to leave the mystery somewhat open. 'The Dance' is possibly the best episode thus far. I do have a soft spot for 'Aftermath' as that was the episode that truly got me completely on board with this series but the reveals we get here are so captivating and left me firmly on the edge of my seat by the very end that it might have topped it. All we can do now is hope and wait for the finale next week to cap it all off in a satisfying manner. Fingers crossed.


- Lucas


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