Scream 'Betrayed' [TV-EPISODE REVIEW]

Even more revelations and even more dull high school scenes are present in the sixth episode of 'Scream'. While last episode focused way too much on the high school drama - this episode finds more of a balance but there is still a bit too many subplots that are not interesting.

The opening of this episode which ended up being a dream showed that they are able of creating very 'Scream'-like scenes which means I hope they have something really good in store for the rest of the season. I was a bit disappointed to find out that it actually was a dream but then again I really did not buy that Emma just randomly wanted to visit the Brandon James house like that. It did make for a really good opening though before the episode descended back into a lot of high school scenes - but we do intercut it with yet another mystery, this time Audrey's DNA being found inside the mask they found in episode 4 'Aftermath'. Of course this opens up a lot of questions about Audrey's character and where her loyalty lies. This is sadly intercut however with yet another subplot were Will and Jake blackmail Brooke's father which is not very interesting to watch and has been dragging these show down lately.

We finally get more scenes of Noah and Emma together as they barely even shared screentime in the last episode even though they just went through that major discovery in episode 4. They do not discuss much about it however as they are too busy dealing with Audrey being a suspect. This leads to some of the best scenes in the episode were they are being told by her to break into her house and destroy an SD card before the cops search through her house (yes they do have a warrant). Naturally both the characters and we begin wondering what the hell could be on that SD card. We actually do find out which kind of disappointed me as I was hoping they would leave it up in the air for us to theorize what the hell it could be and leave the doors open for the possibility of Audrey actually being the killer.

This is not the best episode of the season or even the second best but it is better than the episode we got last week which was still good. The only episode I have not liked thus far is the pilot which is normal for a pilot. 'Scream' is still a very good show and I hope that by season 2, the flaws will have diminished as the writers realize what works and what does not. I have to say though I did not see the ending coming and I do wonder where they are going to go with it. I was actually hoping both of the characters involved would bite it as it would shake up the dynamic a bit more but it seems like a lead-in to the events that will occur in the next episode. 

The next episode though, judging by the next time trailer; looks really good. Hopefully it goes back to how episode 4 'Aftermath' was. Seems like we are getting a lot more scenes with Brooke as she was strangely kind of absent for this episode apart from a few smaller scenes. Enough with these random subplots and high school drama scenes, time to find the killer.


- Lucas


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