Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation [MOVIE REVIEW]

I was supposed to see this film on the opening day but that did not end up happening so here I am four days late to see the film and five days late to publish this review but now here we go, the fifth movie in the franchise is here and I would be hard pressed to find a fifth movie in any franchise that is better than this.

No 'The Empire Strikes Back' does not count as a fifth film in a franchise, it is the second film that got released and as far as I care we only have three 'Star Wars' movies anyways. Earlier this year we got possibly the best fourth film in a franchise with 'Mad Max: Fury Road' so there are themes being present this year as certain movies seem to get better and better as the series goes on which has definitely been the case for the 'Mission Impossible' movies as it has only gone up since the second film. Yes I like 'Rogue Nation' more than 'Ghost Protocol' because of one single factor - I can hardly remember anything that happened in 'Ghost Protocol' apart from the Burj Khalifa scene (which is probably how a lot of people feel about that movie). I do remember really liking that film when I saw it though so there is that. With 'Rogue Nation' there are a lot more scenes I remember from the film and that I know I will continue to remember for years to come as it does not have that ONE scene that completely overshadows the rest of the movie to the point where there is no way it can possibly top it. 'Ghost Protocol' is still a better directed film however so it is not a landslide victory for 'Rogue Nation'.

The real ticket seller for this film is obviously the action scenes and I think everyone have been very happy to find that they are some of the most well filmed and choreographed action scenes in years. From possibly the best motorcycle chase scene ever put to film to something as simple as a fist fight - this film excells on all fronts in this department like it is nothing. However, possibly my favorite part of the whole movie is that while there were action scenes in it - they did not try to turn every scene into one. There is a lot more espionage in this film which I welcomed with open arms as I find that a lot more interesting to watch. I was really surprised how it all concluded too and very happy to find out just how simple it was. It really stands out in comparison to how most of these kind of movies do it nowadays and it is refreshing to see.

'Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation' reminded me a lot about 'Skyfall' actually and there is no way they did not at least get some kind of inspiration from it. The whole subplot about IMF getting shut down is surprisingly similar to MI6 about to get shutdown for being "irrelevant". We have Ethan Hunt breaking away from his handlers and go into hiding by essentially disappearing off the map. No 'Rogue Nation' is not as good as 'Skyfall' for many reasons, as it does not have quite as much substance or reasons to care about the main character (sorry Ethan). No I am not saying you will not care for Ethan Hunt in this film, there is just not a whole lot to him and this film does nothing to change that. 

Something that has remained quite dull in these movies is the villain but here I would have to say he is probably the best we have gotten thus far but he is still not that special and will not make a "Top 10 Villains" list anytime soon. I do wish that the next film focuses a bit more on creating a really threatening and complicated villain because they cannot keep making him an afterthought. The movie also did quite a poor job of explaining what the Syndicate's ultimate goal is. What is the point of the Syndicate? The only reason we get is that they want to cause mayhem which does not really cut it in a movie like this and I wish they did a better job of showing the chaos they have caused so the threat feels more real in these action sequences and all the dialogue about how important this mission is. What has remained awesome throughout the series and continues to get better is Tom Cruise because this man will literally do anything to entertain us. He deserves so much respect for all the stunts he pulls off in this film and I cannot possibly imagine what he will do in the next film.

This film pretty much flawlessly balanced out the comedy the drama, yes there is a lot of comedy to be found here (especially of course from Simon Pegg who is awesome in this film) but it never reaches a point that just ruins the stakes and tension. What our heroes are going through is very serious stuff - but they are still human beings who can crack a joke once in a while which is great to see and makes for a much more enjoyable watch. It is also not just Simon Pegg cracking jokes because he is mostly in comedies - no he plays an actual character in Benji Dunn here. He got some of the best moments of the whole film and I desperately hope they are gonna keep him in the crew for every sequel they are making. He is not the only star in this film however, we also have a newcomer for the franchise in Rebecca Ferguson who clearly has a very bright future ahead of her in action movies. There is clear dedication in what she is doing here, she really does care about her work and to make the film as good as it can be. I hope she returns for the sixth film but I also hope she gets to do a lot more stuff.

That also brings me into a very tiny pet peeve I have and it is nothing that will harm the quality of the film in anyway but it is fun mentioning it. In this film we have a couple of scenes were characters (including Rebecca Ferguson) speak in another language and that language just happens to be Swedish (which is my first language) so whenever they said anything I just cringed because oh my god that language sounds so embarrassing. Of course only swedish people will have this problem because a lot of them do not really like the language ironically. You just cannot write threatening dialogue in swedish because it just ends up sounding corny or silly which constantly took me out of the movie (and I do not blame it).

If there is a film for the upcoming James Bond movie 'Spectre' to beat - it is going to be this one. 'Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation' is a great spy movie, a brilliant action movie, a really funny comedy, a really dramatic drama. This is one of the best movies of the year and one of the most fun experiences I have had the whole year and I cannot wait to see the next film. So the mission, should you choose to accept it; is a fun, thoroughly entertaining film that never lets go of the audience's attention thanks to its nailbiting action scenes and crystal sharp editing.


- Lucas


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