Blue Mountain State Season 2 [TV-SEASON REVIEW]

After a fantastic first season, 'Blue Mountain State' returned later in the same year (2010) with the second season, this time with Sam Jones III as Craig Shilo noticeably missing from the lead cast and the season in general. The replacement however is great and the season is quite good too. 

I went into this season with high expectations as comedy shows usually always need a first season to truly settle in and then be able to just cut to the chase and jump right in with fun and creative storylines with characters we now know very well ('Community' and 'Silicon Valley' are great examples of this). However it turns out that the second season for 'Blue Mountain State' did not quite live up to the first. It is still a very good season without a single bad episode to be found but it does not quite have the novelty the first one had and the average quality of each individual episode is a bit lower. The comedy however is still there all the way through and might even surpass the first season in that aspect.

I did not know that Craig Shilo would not appear in Season 2 so his absence did take me by surprise but I was actually even more surprised to find that they barely even mentioned him leaving (I think they included it in a throw away line once). I would be lying though if I said I did not like his replacement more. Radon gets so many of the seasons funniest moments that it was hard not to completely forget about Craig.

As always when I review seasons of a TV-Show I make sure to include a list of my individual ratings for each episode so before I continue with the review, here is the basics of what I thought; 

Episode 13 Riot 9/10
Episode 1 The Fingering 9/10
Episode 12    Trap Game 8/10
Episode 9     The Badger 8/10
Episode 8     Vision Quest 8/10
Episode 3 Born Again 8/10
Episode 2 Controversy 8/10
Episode 11    Drunk Tank 8/10
Episode 5 Pregnant 8/10
Episode 6 Nerds 7/10
Episode 4     Pay for Play 7/10
Episode 7 Debra 6/10
Episode 10 Hockey 6/10

As we can see, Season 2 has two episodes that I rate lower than any Season 1 episode which is part of the reason why this is overall a weaker season than the last. I must stress however that 6/10 is still a good rating, yes it is borderline average but it is still good. 'Blue Mountain State' is one of those rare shows that does not have any bad episodes but also not many perfect ones. This is a show that always makes up for the weak plotting with really funny jokes and well handled character moments.

Since I already said what I think of the characters in my review of Season 1 (go check that out if you have not by the way) I will not do it that much here and I have already talked about what I thought of the new character Radon so instead of doing that I will just talk about one of the minor issues I have had with this series which is the lack of any serious character development. No I am not saying these are not three dimensional people - they all do have a well defined character, I just wish we got to know a bit more about them. I was expecting an episode were we get to see some of their parents which obviously would have opened up the possibility to get to know a bit more about their backstories but this never happened, in fact I think the only mention of any character's parents we hear are quick throw-away lines from Sam and the newly introduced sister Mary Joe. Speaking of Mary Joe though she is played by Frankie Shaw and actually turns out to be one of the more entertaining characters this season as her and Sam's relation is... interesting, to say the least.

Overall this is of course a great season, sure it did not exactly reach the hights the first season comfortably sat on but in terms of laugh out loud moments and memorable character scenes this is the winner. It has the weakest episodes I have scene thus far and it sadly does not have the strongest - but who cares when every episode is still very entertaining and always offer great jokes. The question now is whether or not Season 3 will continue the strength and deliver a satisfying sendoff for the show.


- Lucas


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