True Detective 'Night Finds You' [TV-EPISODE REVIEW]

Now that we have (hopefully) settled in to this new season, new characters, new setting and a new mystery - hopefully the plot can get going while also developing the characters a bit further. 

To sum up the episode quickly I would have to say that it made me curious. I want to know where they are going with this and I want to find out more about these characters. While the pacing last episode was a bit all over the place – here I felt it was handled a lot better which is most likely attributed to the fact that these characters are more connected this time compared to last episode where we were jumping around from character to character before they all meet up in some way or another by the very end. It is a step up from last week but I can definitely see people hoping for a big explosion of awesomeness soon to really push the bar a bit further. The winner this week again is Colin Farrell who continues being an absolute blast to watch. He has such a good presence on screen and is the closest out of them all to reaching the level of Rust Cohle and Marty Hart.

Justin Lin returns as the director for this episode and he once again is pretty damn good, he does not try to ape off Cary Fukunaga completely in this episode and he does not go all out crazy like with the Fast & Furious movies (which is where he came from). It is very slow moving but he makes sure it is not too slow to the point the audience would just stop watching or fall asleep. It is an impressive feat because Nic Pizzolatto does throw quite a lot of exposition at us in the beginnig to get the mystery moving.

Vince Vaughn got a chance to flex his acting chops more than he has probably done in many years and it surprisingly was not intolerable to watch. He is by no means any great Shakes but he does manage to hold his own next to Colin Farrell who very easily could have just stolen all the scenery to the point where we forget Vince was even there. His first scene in the episode was pretty good stuff though.

I have yet to mention Taylor Kitsch and I will not spend too much space on him here simply because he is currently just a blank slate. He does nothing for me on screen and is by far the most forgettable of the lot. Rachel McAdams was great this time around, I feel more interested to find out more about her character and I felt her chemistry with Colin Farrell was on point and I would love to see it develop as we go (if that is even possible now...). She is my second favorite character of the new season and my favorite female character of the entire show and it is possible we could be seeing an Emmy nomination for both her and Colin Farrell when the time comes.

The ending left me with just the right feeling and I am now quite desperate to find out where they are going with this. If you do not know by now, the ending takes a completely unexpected turn that I do not think anyone saw coming. Whether or not they will actually follow through with it - I am not quite sure and it would be a huge loss for the season so early in the game. This was daring stuff they pulled and I hope we get more of it throughout the season because that is at least something season 1 lacked. Again, they are probably not going to follow through with it but I would love for things like this to happen later – where they actually DO follow through with it to raise the stakes a bit more. It is another solid episode that I enjoyed a lot and while it is currently not even close to being some of the best Television I have seen this year, there is definitely room for it to expand and raise the tension and become even more captivating and hopefully finish off with a bang. Great episode though.


- Lucas


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