True Detective 'Maybe Tomorrow' [TV-EPISODE REVIEW]

The third episode of 'True Detective' season 2 continues the story in the same fashion as the other two. It is another strong episode but does not really stand out a lot when looking back at the show as a whole (this is what happens when Season 1 is some of the best that has ever graced the screen of television). 

What I want to mention before I dive into the actual episode is the opening intro. I think everyones reaction at first was very positive in terms of the visuals as they fall perfectly in line with Season 1 and yeah as far as the visuals go, it is a beautiful intro. The song though took a lot of people off guard (myself included) and it has taken me until now to garner a liking of it. Still nowhere close to the excellent song "Far From Any Road" that Season 1 used but it is different and sometimes different is good and that is pretty much what I can also say about Season 2 in general so far. It is definitely not as strong but it is different - which is not necessarily a bad thing.

The opening scene was a very clever way of handling Ray's "revival" after the events of episode 2. While of course I am a little disappointed they did not follow through with Ray's "death" but I think everyone knew that there was no way they would and if they did it would have been a huge loss as he is by far the best and most interesting character in the season so far. Not surprisingly, he continues being the most interesting character of the lot here but I have to admit that Amy McAdams' character Ani Bezzerides have begun giving him a run for his money apart from a few miscalculated line deliveries. I also mentioned in my review of the last episode that Taylor Kitsch had yet to actually do something for me - and it seems like Nic Pizzolatto the Time Lord caught that somehow as I found him a lot more interesting to watch in this episode. He was finally allowed to show more emotion (which might be due to the stunning direction) and thus improving his character greatly. I also have to give some props to Vince Vaughn who has begun filling his character's personality's shoes a lot more now. While he does not hold up to the other leads, he is better than I was actually expecting him to be when he was first cast and I hope he does even better in the upcoming episodes.

This episode is directed by Janus Metz who did a very good job and I would have to say he topped Justin Lin on many levels. It felt a lot more natural and allowed for more moments were the actors can just shine and show what they are capable of (basically doing what they do best). It was not as needlessly slow as episode 1 and 2, which I did not mind as much when watching them but it feels like a lot more memorable things happened here than both of those episodes combined. 

I have to give credit to Nic Pizzolatto again as it seems like this season might be a lot more multi-layered than we think. Some dialogue still feels a bit stilted but nothing major or distracting. Just like the other two episodes, the story is moving along very nicely. This time the detectives have actually begun do real detective work. A lot of interesting characters were interrogated here - apart from the scene in the major's house which was surprisingly poorly written. I was worrying before the season began that there would be some kind of unnecessary romance between Rachel McAdams and Insert-Male-Detective-Here, which turned out to most likely have been Colin Farrell if they went that route but luckily, judging from their interactions it does not seem like they are going to go that route. Now this is not to say I would be completely against it if it did go there in future episodes but it would need to be handled really well so it does not feel like just because there is now a male and female teaming up for the case they are going to have to fall in love. Who knows though, there might be something to it but let us not talk about it more until we actually get some hints pointing in that direction.

After the shocker that we were left with in last episode I was really on the edge of my seat in the final 5 minutes here wondering if they would actually pull something like that again and it turned out to be the most hooked I have been thus far but thankfully it was not just because of that. It is safe to say though that I am more interested than ever to figure out what is going on and where this is going.

'Maybe Tomorrow' is the best episode of the season thus far as it finally feels like all the characters are becoming real. Taylor Kitsch made a huge improvement on me compared to the last two both in terms of performance and how the character was written. Vince Vaughn also went through this improvement but the real stars are Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams who really runs the show at the moment.

(by the way when the poster of 'American Sniper' showed up super-imposed in a wide shot I almost puked, yep not a fan.)

- Lucas


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