True Detective 'Down Will Come' [TV-EPISODE REVIEW]

We have now reached the halfway point of 'True Detective' season 2 and the proper confirmation that there is really nothing in this story that will top the first season unless they really start pulling the rug from underneath soon. That being said, the direction hits another high for this season with a final 10 minutes of complete awesomeness.

All this season really is, and I know you are probably sick of me saying this - is a showcase of how awesome Colin Farrell can be and big surprise, he is yet again the best part of the whole episode. It is not a coincidence that all the best moments have him in them but I will not spend as much time raving about his performance as much as I have in previous reviews so let us go straight into Rachel McAdams. What this season has been good at thus far is giving us bits and pieces about her backstory without distracting from furthering the plot and characters and this episode is no different. McAdams is good her as I have come to expect as she does manage to standout in several scenes even though she works very closely with Farrell. Pizzolatto seems to also have begun pushing her forward into new territory which I have to admit I am interested in watching (more so than what she has done up to this point). Taylor Kitsch however has fallen back to being practically a nobody. I do not really care about his character again which is a shame because I really felt like he had begun standing on his own as the script allowed his character to shine a little more. Here however there is yet again nothing noteworthy about either his performance or his character.

This episode is directed by Jeremy Podeswa who is now my new favorite director for this season which is all attributed to the absolutely amazing final part of the episode. It is another perfect example of just how far TV has come in the past couple of years in terms of cinematography and editing. It is definitely my favorite scene of this season so far and I cannot imagine anyone talking negatively about it. It was not just an insanely well directed action scene for the action purposes, there as a lot of actual tension involved and the consequences felt real (and let us not forget that it is a real cracker to end your episode on). Speaking of the end, did anyone else notice the freeze frame they ended it on? Not sure what the point of that was as McAdams was in mid-motion so it did not really look that good but whatever, it was a brilliant, brilliant sequence. If this episode did NOT have that sequence however I fear there would not have been anything special to talk about here. 

What I am really hoping for the second half of this season is that they really begin intensifying the pacing a bit to really capture the audience because I am starting to feel like most people now, sure I am really liking these episodes but there is barely anything memorable about them and I do not feel the urge to re-watch any of them for whatever reason. I am not lying though when I say this is probably the strongest episode of the season so far. 


- Lucas


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