Silicon Valley Season 2 [TV-SEASON REVIEW]

One of my favorite new TV-Shows of last year is 'Silicon Valley' and while everyone is discussing the finale of 'Game of Thrones' Season 5 (which I admit was great). What we cannot forget though is that right afterwards on the exact same channel we got the season finale of this show too so let us talk about the season as a whole.

Season 1 was a very good and very consistent season until the finale absolutely knocked it out of the park with one of the funniest and inventive dick-jokes that has ever been put on screen. It really left the gates wide open for a great second season - which is exactly what we got. This is just as consistently good as Season 1 but this time the average quality of each episode is just a bit higher. I am glad the ratings are high enough to guarantee a third season because we really need something like this to visually show us just why the characters in 'The Big Bang Theory' are such weak and offensive stereotypes.

After winning TechCrunch Disrupt through the most ridiculous but strangely not so out of the blue argument the night before, our heroes now have to find a backer to fund the company while their competitor Hooli also files a lawsuit against them. Thankfully though this is not the entire story of the whole season as there is more going on than that and the team trying to find a backer is not a very big focus in the second half as it organically moves along to the next problem (Richard just cannot catch a break).

If I were to rate each episode of the season in order it would look something like this just to get you an idea of what my opinion is of each one;

Episode 10 - Two Days of the Condor           10/10
Episode 6  - Homicide                          9/10
Episode 9  - Binding Arbitration               9/10
Episode 7  - Adult Content                     9/10
Episode 1  - Sand Hill Shuffle                 9/10
Episode 2  - Runaway Devaluation               9/10
Episode 3  - Bad Money                         8/10
Episode 8  - White Hat/Black Hat               8/10
Episode 5  - Server Space                      8/10
Episode 4  - The Lady                          8/10

One of my main problems with last season was that Big Head did not really have a lot to do and just sort of stood around (but then again that was kind of the idea) but here in Season 2 they thankfully showed that they actually had a plan with this character and they executed it really well. This time however it seems like Monica did not really have a lot to do a part from the first couple of episodes except of just showing up at times to give Richard some advice (the romance between the two that was teased in Season 1 also goes absolutely nowhere as it is not even mentioned). We are also introduced to a couple of new coders for the company but apart from one girl named Carla we do not get to know anything them and even then, all we really know about her is that... she is a girl and she knows Gilfoyle and Dinesh somehow. Another problem with Season 1 is that Erlich varied from being tolerably fun to just inappropiate (not T.J Miller's fault), annoying and at times just being a waste of space but here in Season 2 the writers have definitely found the right place for the character and is now one of the best characters on the entire show (and on television in general at the moment).

There were a lot of standouts this season and one of them is everytime we see just how corrupt Hooli is and how far Gavin Belson will go to make sure he wins the lawsuit (he promoted Big Head 3 times!). I was thinking they might even had gone a bit too far with it because it did not make the lawsuit seem that dangerous for our heroes but the writers are quick to make sure there is some kind of tension around by having their code get "stolen" (in a way that I totally bought) by another company and while it may sound like there is a bit too much going on with all these companies - it is not.

Apart from the new coders we are introduced to two other characters who played big parts. One is Laurie who replaced Peter Gregory as the CEO of Raviga after the actor Christopher Evan Welch tragically passed away while filming Season 1. She is a great addition to the show and Suzanne Cryer (the actress) does a great job with the role. She is thankfully very different from Peter Gregory so it is not just a rehash and after seeing the finale it is pretty safe to say that she will have an even bigger role next season. Another character is Russ Hanneman played by Chris Diamantopoulos, he is a one time wonder who ended up a billionaire who then after getting Richard drunk - got him to sign Russ as a backer for the company which everyone else does not respond positively at because of who Russ is. He is a very fun character to watch but we never got that moment were he grew as a character at all, even though he was put in situations that could have changed his personality - there was nothing different between when he first shows up and when the season ends. I hope we have not seen the last of him even though it does not really seem to be the case because we need some character growth to him (he really does not treat his kid very well).

All in all, Season 2 expands on what made Season 1 great while also healing some of the problems that could have overlapped but also introducing some new problems that hopefully will get healed in Season 3. All the characters are great, they have really settled into the show and the chemistry is on point. Hopefully we see this show continue for lots of more seasons.


- Lucas


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