Scream 'Wanna Play A Game?' [TV-EPISODE REVIEW]

'Scream' continues with its third episode of the first season. More murders ensues and more hints and questions are raised. It is an improvement over the first two episodes but it still feels like it can and should do better. The neat thing is that at least we know the possibility is there. 

While last episode I really felt like the performances by the leads improved significantly over the premiere and while they continued giving generally good performances here, nothing really topped what they did last week - however, the story is improving and I found myself almost on the edge of my seat by the 15 minutes once I started realizing what was going on. If the rest of the series has more of what we saw here then I am going to have to give in and say it is a success. There is definitely some kind of talent behind the screenplays no matter how cliché a lot of it is.

I can imagine a lot of other Scream fans feeling horribly turned off by this series as the biggest flaw in its current state is that it just does not feel like 'Scream'. I would like to see Kevin Williamson step in to the writers room and perhaps guide them a little bit towards capturing the feel of what makes a Scream story with Scream characters. Obviously this is not going to happen and I am not that terribly bothered by it. As I said, I really liked the ending of this episode and if the characters continue getting developed then I can definitely find myself completely on the edge of my seat fearing for their possible death. What this TV-Series has that the movies did not is I never really worried for Sidney, Gale and Dewey's life after the first movie. The TV-Series easily allow for more people to get axed off seeing as it can juggle more main characters easily with all of the time allotted. What does worry me though is that it almost feels like some of these characters just will not get axed off. An example of this is in the final 10 minutes of this episode were Emma got to pick between two characters and I could immediately tell - if one of them were to go, it would be this person. Obviously it turns out I was right. What they have to do is in a couple of episodes just throw in a huge surprise for the audience (but not just for the sake of surprising the audience of course) by killing off someone like Noah.

Of course, this being MTV the show continues to look very cheap. It is like something I can imagine watching in 2005 and there is still a long way to go before I can say it is part of the series' charm. There is not enough evidence to suggest that it is aware of how cheap it looks yet. What I do like is that while they were still there - the out of place self-referential comments about other TV-Shows, movies and games were not as prominently featured here as it decided to focus more on the characters and the story developing which is of course what we want to see. To say the least, I thoroughly enjoyed the episode. It feels like the writers know what they are doing and where they are heading and if they get enough comments about how poor the self-referential stuff are they could possibly improve it or tone it down a lot for the next season. It is good to see that the show is not just dead on arrival, it is not like everything is terrible and it needs to be scrapped and redone entirely. All the problems can be fixed without changing too much.


- Lucas


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