Scream 'Pilot' [TV-EPISODE REVIEW]

The recent trend seems to be to turn popular horror movies into a TV-Series. Only this year we are not only getting this one, but also 'Ash Vs. The Evil Dead'. Next year we are possibly getting a TV-Series based on the 'Friday the 13th' movies. While this definitely worked with 'Bates Motel' (in my humble opinion), how will the 'Scream' TV-Series fare out?

My only reaction when the episode ended was; that was all right. The biggest praise I can give it is that it did not annoy me (which is something I was expecting). The acting is all right, the directing was all right, the dialogue was all right. This does not mean everything was good, in fact a lot of things were not. 

My biggest problem with the show right now is mainly the characters being dull and pretty lifeless. This is mostly due to the writing because just like with the movies, it seems like only Kevin Williamson can pull off these kinds of characters and this kind of storytelling (which became completely noticeable with 'Scream 3'). Whenever they talk about horror movies or horror TV-Series here it feels incredibly forced and a quick way to stay true to the movie franchise. It does not seem very natural or believable and it harms the flow of the narrative. We were introduced to a whole bunch of characters right from the start and I would be lying if I said I remembered anyone of their names. Hopefully this is something the later episodes fix as we learn more about them, right now they are just generic teenagers from a generic slasher movie (not 'Scream'). I mentioned in my review of 'Scream' that it makes fun of generic slasher movies only having good looking people in them and I said that is one of the reasons why 'Scream' was so good - because it did not. Well let us give a round of applause to MTV for following through with this and not only casting people who look like models... oh wait they only casted good looking people. Literally every character here could be put on a magazine. They are so stereotypically good looking it has already become what the movies made fun of. 

When the episode does try to be self-referential they have the typical Randy-esque character (which is welcomed by the way) who talks like Abed from 'Community' in the way he brings up how TV-Shows do things and why the killer will probably try to emulate the same thing. He is rather unintentionally dim though as he brings up that you cannot make a TV-Series out of a slasher movie when the teacher (this scene takes place in a classroom) literally just mentioned 'Bates Motel' as one of the popular horror TV-Shows currently airing. 'Bates Motel' is of course based off of 'Psycho' - which is basically a slasher movie, in fact it was a huge influence on the genre and the TV-Show (while very different admittedly) is great. But I know why that line is in there, it is the classic Scream thing were they say something is bad, ridiculous or do not work within the horror genre when they themselves are in one.

It is not a great start to the series but as far as a pilot goes, I have most definitely seen worse... a lot worse. I did like how they seem to go in a bit of a different direction with the whodunnit, one of my bigger problems with the movies is that there really is not a lot of hints that you can piece together for yourself to work out who the killer is, here that does not seem to be the case as the episode essentially ends with a montage showing that anyone of them could be the killer. Decent start but hopefully it will get better.


- Lucas


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