Scream 'Hello, Emma' [TV-EPISODE REVIEW]

After a rather mediocre premiere episode, 'Scream' returns a week later with a second episode that still has a lot of the same problems but ends up being more interesting as the story continues and the characters grow. It is safe to say that I am a bit more hopeful for this to be a good series now.

Last week I was really trying to enjoy the premiere episode but I found it to be such a hard time after so many unnatural self-referential comments on horror movies and TV-Series, especially how you cannot do a slasher movie as a TV-Series - basically just trying to make up an excuse for all the problems the series is going to have instead of actually just focusing on being a good show. The same problems kind of continue here but this time it is mostly just random name dropping of several popular shows that are on right now like 'Game of Thrones' and 'Scandal'. They also even mention 'Terminator: Genisys' and 'The Terminator'. I have said this before and I will say it again, this is the kind of writing that practically only Kevin Williamson could write and the TV-Series has yet to prove me wrong as it just sounds clunky and forced. Noah being the Randy character of the series of course allowed him this time to continue giving these kinds of self-referential comments and while I have to say he is the best character out of the lot thus far... there is still a long way to go for the lines to sound natural.

Noah in general though had a lot of great moments here. The bully blaming him for spraypainting "Doosh" on his car was a good scene because we as an audience were of course thinking it probably was not him because that is the typical way these scenes go - but then his comment to Audrey "I should have used the spray stuff, I got paint all over me." made me chuckle and turned it into a great scene. He is not a typical innocent bullied nerd who would not hurt a fly which is nice to see for a change. This also explains why he was "bleeding" on his head in the ending montage of the premiere, of course it turns out that was actually paint now which moves him down a couple of spots on the list of suspects. The scene when Riley asks him if he is a virgin and then kissing him does make me fear for his life a little bit though seeing as we know what typically happens to the non-virgins in slasher movies thanks to Randy in the first 'Scream' movie.

When the episode began and we got another classic phone call scene... I am going to be honest I got really worried. Basically the person who got the call thinks it is Audrey because it sounds like her apart from the sound quality being really bad - which they mention. You can still clearly hear her voice though which is what makes me worried because right afterwards - the person receiving the call is murdered by Ghostface. This could possibly mean that we are yet again being thrown into a universe were voice changers exist like in 'Scream 3'... which is not what I want (read my 'Scream 3' review to find out why). I am however remaining hopeful that it actually was Audrey who called and there actually was a bad connection between the two. This theory actually sounds like it could be true because so far the voice changer has not been used other than that one scene.

A problem I had with the episode though is that it does not feel like these are actual murders happening. What I mean by this is that the characters seem to move on from them rather well like the victim only got sick or something. It all seems really personal or like an event only the people in the town know about. We have the characters listening to a podcast on true crimes - and look at that, one of the people behind it is there in the town. Everyone in the school got a "gif" (gif is in quotation marks because I am only assuming it is a gif) on their phone of ghostface standing infront of dead Nina in the pool and of course everyone in the school gets it like this is just something that involves them. I may not be making sense here but it feels like these killings are not that important in the grand scheme of things in this world. Really if this were to happen in real life and the killer were to continue we would be seeing national news coverage on this and police would be patrolling around the place at all times.

The series still looks rather cheap in my opinion, it is like it was filmed in like 2005 or something. The cinematography in TV has come a long way now and this show should look a lot better than it does but if the reason it does not may be part of the charm of it but we will have to see what happens in later episodes. There is a big chance it just is cheap because a lot of MTV shows look like this no matter what the subject matter is.

The Absolute best part about the episode has to be the final phone call scene (this time to Emma). This scene truly felt like it came right out of Scream and I felt like I really got involved in what was happening and I wanted to find out what was to come. The entire scene was written really well and makes the opening of the premiere look so much worse in comparison to the classic opening of 'Scream'. I am also a fan of this new Ghostface voice and it will be great to hear more of it in the coming episodes. Color me a bit more excited this time around.


- Lucas


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