Scream 'Exposed' [TV-EPISODE REVIEW]

After the phenomenal episode last week, I was very excited to see what they would do to follow up on it despite my complete lack of interest in the "cliffhanger". So as the first season of 'Scream' reaches it mid-point, what new do we find out about the characters and the mystery?

All right, this episode was definitely not one of the stronger ones. While it definitely was not bad, it just felt a bit too middle of the road-y. We do get to know some things about the characters but not enough to keep me entertained for 40+ minutes and it seems like the murder mystery was put on halt in exchange for a lot more generic high school drama that really started to get on my nerves as I could not be bothered to actually care what was happening this time around. We get to know more about Emma in particular but not really in interesting ways that reaches above just being very typical teenage love drama that we have seen before. I really hope this is not what this series is going to continue focusing on because there is a story to tell here so do not push it further away to include more high school drama just so you can pad the runtime a bit more. If you feel you do not have a story that justifies being several seasons long then do not write it out to be several seasons long. 

Noah had probably the least amount of things to do here than he has ever had thus far which is surprising seeing as he was heavily involved in the "cliffhanger" from last episode. We hardly even get a scene with him, Audrey and Emma together even though the just went through this huge step forward in solving the mystery. Instead we get more red herrings (which seems to become a staple for this show now - especially after the final monologue in episode 1). We also get to see Emma make possibly one of the most out of character moves in the whole season so far when she suddenly decides to have sex with a guy she has known for 2 weeks outside in the middle of the night - even though she has spent the entire episode in public humiliation and generally feeling very vulnerable. Even if she had not gone through all of those things in the episode it still feels incredibly stupid to do it when there are people running around with cameras and filming things all the time in this show. I really would not be surprised if Emma receives a gif on her phone next episode of her and the dude having sex outside by the killer.

This episode also put a lot of focus on making sure the music was too loud in several scenes, I really do not even think the music was necesseray most of the time. It just felt like they were trying to force the emotion the characters are going through down our throats instead of letting the writing and the performances make us feel for them in an organic way. It is a better episode than the pilot but it is a major step back from the past two episodes who really started to build up some momentum - which this episode made sure to get rid off. I am still on board with the show overall but I am keeping my expectations down for the next episode.


- Lucas


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