Scream 'Aftermath' [TV-EPISODE REVIEW]

Here we go! After the great episode last week - this is just what this Series needed to follow up on it. 'Aftermath' is definitely the best episode so far and improves on many of the complaints I had up to this point. This could finally be getting somewhere very interesting.

One of my earlier complaints was that there were barely any grieving moments for the characters about the people they had lost but after the death last week - a lot of this episode is about them trying to get over it. It truly feels like that death meant something for our leads as they are now really trying to figure out who the murderer is themselves which made for some of the most exciting scenes of the series so far. I really liked the interaction between our main characters in this episode both when they are grieving over the loss of Riley and when they are trying to figure out who is responsible for it all. I do hope though that they do not continue killing off someone every single episode because that is just gonna end up with the characters grieving to the point were it just becomes annoying and then eventually all of them will be put in protective custody somewhere - thankfully, they do not seem to be doing that. While the entire episode was quite excellent, I do have to say; it ended with a "cliffhanger" I am not particularly interested in as I can imagine a lot of redundant bickering between the leads and force some kind of drama between them but only time will tell where they are taking it.

I can definitely confirm now that the writers know what they are doing for the most part and are handling this with respect and fun creativity. The characters feel more real than ever and it finally manages to make fun of typical movie tropes (like the typical "we should split up" crap) without succumbing to a lot of them themselves. The episode even manages to reference other movies and TV-Shows sucessfully this time. They felt earned and actually worked with what was happening in the episode. The biggest problem this could lead to is if they are running with the same killer for all upcoming episodes and that we will not get an answer at the end of this one. This could end up meaning the writers do not know who the killer is themselves and are just messing around and hoping it will all make sense once they decide to reveal it in the final episode of the whole thing whenever they get cancelled/bored.

I was really happy to see that they are not going to shy away from revealing a lot of gore in detail which was more than showcased in the killer's "secret lair". No I do not want gore in my horror stories just for the sake of there being gore - I just do not want to see them having to dumb it all down just to get a wider audience to tune in. If there is violence happening and it would make sense to show it - show it.

'Aftermath' is a brilliant episode and I am completely on board now. All the characters are coming into play and they are working together really well. The story is getting really interesting and inventive, it does not try to ape off of the movies too much and when it did - it finally worked really well. The fact that the show looks really cheap... is starting to work.


- Lucas


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