Doctor Who 'The Long Game' [TV-EPISODE REVIEW]

After the excellent 'Dalek' I think it is time to dive right back into more weak Doctor Who with 'The Long Game', written once again by the showrunner Russell T Davies and this time it takes our heroes (and Adam) to a satellite in the future. Time to find out what kind of shenanigans is going on here.

'The Long Game' takes place in the year 200,000 on the space station Satellite 5 that is orbiting around the earth and controls all journalism. The Doctor, Rose and Adam are invited to the elite Floor 500 by the Editor

I am just going to drop one of the biggest problems with the episode right now, there is nothing memorable or special about it. All it does is set up a much more important episode later in the season. On its own it makes little to no sense and seem to just pass by without leaving as much as a dent of an impact on the audience. It has an interesting opening and quite an interesting ending. It is just a shame that everything in between is so poorly structured and paced there is no reason anybody would sit through this one again.
Satellite 5 is very reminiscent of the Nerva Beacon spaceship in the Tom Baker story 'The Ark in Space' which is certainly not a coincidence as it is Russell T Davies' favorite Doctor Who story and it takes place in roughly the same time as 'The Long Game' so we can just assume it is another one of those models except bigger.

In terms of entertainment value... there is not a lot here that would keep you engaged, I definitely felt like doing something else when I first saw it and there was no different when I re-watched it for this review. There is just nothing here that is memorable apart from maybe one or two small character moments that you may enjoy. 

A saving grace for this episode is the ever so brilliant Simon Pegg who played The Editor who manages to completely embody a bad guy. Only a year earlier he was the writer and leading star of one of the best comedies ever made 'Shaun of the Dead' and now he is here in 'Doctor Who' as a villain. The guy is a fantastic actor and it would be lovely to see him return to the show one day (but as a different character of course).

Christopher Eccleston continues being a great Doctor. He elevates the material so much and is such a force to be reckoned with on screen. Billie Piper is also great despite Rose continuing to being insufferable to watch. The new guy on the team Adam... yeah there is a reason the fans do not talk about him and this episode is why. 'The Long Game' is not worth watching for the characters which his a huge detriment.

This is a very short review simply because of what I said... there is barely anything to talk about here. It is a very forgettable episode that only needs to be seen once - and only because it ties into the finale, other than that though... there is nothing of value here.


- Lucas


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