Blue Mountain State Season 1 [TV-SEASON REVIEW]

'Blue Mountain State' is a show I have been meaning to check out for quite some time and as usual, I finally decided to give in and do it because I randomly came across it on Netflix. Seeing as there is actually a movie coming out later this year, it does seem quite fitting to review the show season by season. Obviously starting with season 1. So what did I think?

Well my very first impression of the show while watching the first episode and the poster was that this is a TV-Show version of 'American Pie' (surely I am not the only one who arrived at that conclusion). Even though I do like some of the American Pie movies (you can probably guess which ones) I was still thankful to see that while there still are some of those elements in the show - that is not all it has. 'Blue Mountain State' is more laid back and not out to disgust you every chance it gets. The characters are a lot of fun to watch, some of the typical tropes you would expect to see in this kind of show/movie are turned on their heads and a lot of the storylines are creative and offer a lot of laugh out loud moments. I can imagine there being a lot of people hating on the show thinking it celebrates rape and blackmailing. An example of this is an episode were one of the male leads feg gives a girl an STD so she will have sex with another male lead named Alex. Yes, this sounds terrible when I describe it like that but the people complaining about it obviously did not watch the episode in question ('Pocket Pussy') because if you did, you would know that the girl originally tried to use Alex as a prostitute and never talking to him again after paying him for sex and then when Alex asks her why - she makes fun of him after he got an STD from a pocket pussy.

As I always do with TV-Season reviews, I make a list of all the episodes of the season from best to worst together with the rating I would give them so before I move on with the review, here is the list;

Episode 9  Midterms 9/10
Episode 10 Marathon Monday 9/10
Episode 3  Pocket Pussy 8/10
Episode 8  Lax 8/10
Episode 7  The Legend of the Golden Arm 8/10
Episode 6  Drug Olympics 8/10
Episode 12 Piss Test 8/10
Episode 13 Bowl Game 8/10
Episode 4  Rivalry Weekend 7/10
Episode 2  Promise Ring 7/10
Episode 11 Ransom 7/10
Episode 1  It's Called Hazing, Look It Up! 7/10
Episode 5  There's Only One Second Best 7/10

The characters are a lot of fun to watch, like I mentioned in the first paragraph - 'Blue Mountain State' takes a lot of the familiar tropes you would expect to see in something like this and turn it on its head and the best examples of that is the character of Thad Castle (played brilliantly by Alan Ritchson). This is a character I think everyone expected to be the stereotypical badguy who really does not like our main character and pushes him around a lot. While he does not really like our main character that much, he is not a very generic cool guy because he is actually a bit of a retard - and everyone knows he is. Nobody really takes him seriously and our main character Alex Moran (played also brilliantly by Darin Brooks) keeps making fun of him and generally gets everyone on the team on his side. There is no typical bullying on this show which is nice to see because it would have been a very redundant subplot to get over. Alex' best friend and roommate Sammy Cacciatore (played by one of the show's creators Chris Romano) is a lot of fun to watch. He is the typical non-football player who spends most of the season worrying about his physique as he watches his friends getting laid every night - but at the same time he does manage to get laid in his own unique way and he is the focus of a lot of the biggest laughs of the Season. Craig Shilo is the final lead (played by Sam Jones III) of the season, he is stuck with a girlfriend who does not want to have sex before marriage (but of course continually have sex with other people and Craig is too thick to realize it) which is tough when you are in college - in fact everyone tells him he should not even have a girlfriend in college. He is also responsible for a lot of laughs but when comparing him to the other 3 he is the least fun to watch but still very important for the dynamic of the show. 

I usually do not praise a season for being short but if you are interested in watching 'Blue Mountain State' but do not want to add yet another major TV-Series to your list - just know that you can knock out this entire show in one day. I saw the entirety of Season 1 in a little under 5 hours and I can imagine me doing the same for the rest of the Seasons when I get to those. I know that long time fans are probably very disappointed now with the short seasons after it got cancelled after 3 and I can see myself joining that group once I finish it but for now - I follow a lot of other TV-Shows that currently are all dramas so it is nice to splice in another show like this inbetween that at the same time does not take up a lot of time.

The biggest flaw of the first season is that we never really get to see the team actually play a game against another school and we also barely get to see them in class so whenever that is being brought up ('Midterms') you are like "oh right, this is a school!". Whenever they are wanted for interviews or are shown to have fans you keep forgetting that they do not just practice - they actually do face off against other schools too. The whole season was more interested in showing the leads trying to get laid or talking about wanting to get laid.

Overall, fantastic first season that managed to keep me engaged throughout the entire thing by continually offering funny storylines and laugh out loud gags. The actors are really good and really entertaining to watch. It is just a solid season all together that I really enjoyed and I am excited to see where season 2 takes me.


- Lucas


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